Free Food Foragers is a ‘Mum run’ grass roots initiative that started 4 years ago with a simple moment of gardeners frustration. While pulling out endless weeds from the garden and getting covered in sticky weed, I asked “You pain of a plant, you have to be good for something more than sticking to my clothes?”

This started my research, when I discovered this sticky weed otherwise known as Cleaver was in fact an edible weed and had great health benefits, a passion for more was ignited and it never stopped.

Before I knew it is was endlessly prattling on to my family about it with “did you know you can eat this… and it does this for you…”

Eventually my Partner in crime Misha said to me “find someone who does want to hear about your wild food stuff cause it’s great and all but I’m sick of hearing about it, I’ll eat it but I don’t want to hear about how good it is for me!”

This was how Free Food Foragers came to be, I thought to myself that he was right, I would find someone who wanted to hear about it and maybe my hobby can become my business.

After 5 years of research, foraging and homestead life living off the land we have reduced our food bill by over 50% from foraging, growing our own produce and keeping livestock.

It’s not all life on the Prairie nice and easy lifestyle, in fact it’s hard, time consuming work trying to balance living off the land with modern lifestyles and a young son who’s been with us on this journey all the way.

Now we run workshops regularly with great success, teaching others to forage and remove invasive weed edibles from the wild and add them to their menu!

This blog is to share with you the trials and triumphs our continuing journey has to offer. It’s a brutally honest and sometimes funny account of our weird and wonderful family adventures with some helpful hints thrown in along the way.